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Volatility Timer is the educational advisory service of Steve Lentz.

Mr. Lentz started at OptionVue Systems in 1998 and left in 2018 to start Volatility Timer.  During those 20 years, he developed the DiscoverOptions mentoring curriculum, ran OptionVue Research's Swing 500 CTA program, co-authored a book, "Simple Steps to Options Trading Success", and spoke all over the world on the subject including Australia, Singapore and Prague.

Since 2013, Mr. Lentz has developed a new approach to signal verification called Volatility Edge Analysis.  It's purpose is to evaluate technical analysis setups for SPX option spreads positions like condors, butterflies and bull put spreads.  It incorporates the VIX and SKEW to determine if a market condition is more or less likely than normal to results in favorable outcomes for those premium selling strategies.



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